Admission / Enrollment

In order to reserve your child’s spot in the daycare, the first and last week’s tuition must be paid in full, and the following documents will need to be completely filled out and returned to me prior to your child’s attendance:

1. ChildCare Home Register
2. ChildCare Agreement for Payment & Fees
3. Permission Authorization
4. Certificate of Immunization Status
5.  Food Program Enrollment
6. ChildCare Contract (signed by one or both parents)
7. Custody Information (if any)
8. Medical Emergency Permission/ medication forms signed by required individuals such as parents, doctors, dentists etc.

The information on these forms must be kept current. If there are any changes (phone numbers, updated vaccinations etc.) it is the parent’s responsibility to inform me in writing of the changes and bring copies of vaccination records. This is extremely important if an emergency should occur.

It is your responsibility to keep all emergency contact person’s information current, including out-of-town contact. In order for them to sign-out a child, I must have their information and your permission on file.

Your child’s records are kept strictly confidential. Each child’s emergency information and health record is available to staff when needed for emergencies or medical adminstration.

Trial Period

The first 3 weeks for the child, the parent and the provider are probationary. The ChildCare Agreement may be terminated at any time during this period without a 2-week notice.

Part-Time Enrolled Children

Part-time enrollment constitutes a full-time opening. Should the provider need to fill a full time spot, the provider reserves the right to give the part-time parent a 2-week notice of termination or (if possible) the option to enroll full time, should the parent wish to continue care.

Discrimination Statement

We embrace diversity. This ChildCare prohibits discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, marital status, age or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability or use of a trained guide dog or service animal by a disabled person.

Night Time Care

We do not provide night time care.