Disaster Response Plans

Fire Evacuation

Our first priority once a fire has been detected is to alert everyone and evacuate the children from the house before calling 911. We will gather the children at the front door and send them with my assistant to the front yard while we make sure every child is accounted for, by headcount and using the daily check-in sheets. I will be the last person to leave the house. After we have exited the building we will call 911.

The children participate in monthly fire-drills and know to drop everything and run to the front door in the event of an alarm or a whistle. Children who cannot walk will be carried. Once we’re all outside we will again account for each child.

If the yard is not a safe enough distance from the fire we will cross the street to the neighbors yard, directly across the street from the front door. If the front door is blocked by fire, we will exit the back door into the north fenced yard.

We will notify the parents as soon as possible and if the fire department deems the home not safe to re-enter we will go to the neighbor’s house, 2 doors down (south) at:  408 NE 123rd Ave     their phones: Sarah 36o-6oo-627o or Aaron 36o-6o1-627o if I cannot be reached on my cell. You will need to pick up your child as soon as possible.

My cell phone: 360-9o7-34o9   Please only use in case of an emergency or disaster.
My assistant’s cell phone: 36o-6o7-7876   Please only use if Hannele cannot be reached at her cell number in a disaster situation.

Disaster Evacuation

If we must evacuate, we will listen to and follow the recommendations of Clark County Emergency Notification System or other Emergency Management Systems. If no location is designated, we will leave location notes on the door and we will go to:
1. Fircrest Elementary School: 12001 NE 9th St                                   Emergency hotline: 360-604-3637

We will use phone booths, where available, to try to contact parents and notify radio stations of our location. We will leave a note on the door indicating our new location or shelter. Cell phones often do not work in a disaster.

Emergency Preparedness

I have taken an emergency preparedness course and my home is registered with Clark County Emergency Warning and Notification System. We will follow their recommendations for Protective Measures. Otherwise we will listen to and follow instructions of Emergency Management Systems via radio and TV. Wherever we go we will leave notes as to our location, date and time.


In the event of a local disaster and we are required to ‘shelter-in-place’ or ‘lockdown’, I am prepared to keep your children here (if necessary) for a couple weeks. I have food and other supplies, except diapers.
• We store 2 months worth of food.
• We store barrels of water which are emptied and renewed with fresh water every 6 months.
• Have flashlights and a generator.
• We have 10 smoke detectors and child-proof outlet covers throughout the house.

Once again, please keep extra clothes and diapers in your child’s backpack (2+ weeks of diapers may be stored in the closet). Parents may want to bring their child a 6 pack of bottled water (to be replaced every 6 months).

Medical Emergency

In the event of a major medical emergency we will administer First Aid and call 911, then notify the parent or guardian. Please see the Medical Emergency section under Health Plan for more details.