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SIDS Awareness

Some facts about SIDS:

SIDS is not the result of a contagious illness nor does the research support it to be caused by choking, suffocation, abuse, or neglect. In this childcare we follow the current rules and recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, take every precaution, and wish to share them with our families so that we can continue raising healthy babies. I have seen theories change during my past 30 years of childcare, yet SIDS is still in the news. We have been very blessed not to have lost any babies to SIDS, so let’s continue to work together in following the most current guidelines:

My staff and I will (and this is a recommendation for parents also):

When a baby begins to turn over in his/her sleep, it is always a good idea to go turn him "Back to Sleep”, but it is not a requirement. Any SIDS death, whether at home or in a childcare setting, will lead to an investigation, although no one is to blame for a SIDS death. New information suggests that infants using a pacifier while napping may have a reduced risk of SIDS.

We have a smoke-free home.