Communication Plan

Parents and legal guardians with whom I have a contract, are free to contact me anytime with questions and concerns about your child and the ChildCare. I encourage daily communication with you to discuss your child’s progress and successes as well as challenges and things we’re working on. A private room is available for discussions if requested. If you have a particular parenting style you would like me to adhere to, I am happy to discuss it and we will do our best to provide that consistency in style here. I will respect your wishes regarding such things as potty training, diet, etc. and am happy to assist you. With my numerous years of experience caring for children, I am happy to counsel with you and make recommendations with regard to nutrition, behavior management, dressing for the weather (layers), binkies, language development, potty training, etc.

Daycare Assistant

I have a friendly and qualified, full-time assistant who is trained in First Aid and CPR. We work as a team. I sometimes have a doctor’s appointment or an errand to run. Her duties are to continue the regular routines of the daycare and to provide a happy, safe, and nurturing environment.

Terminating Childcare

It is necessary for the parent to give me a 2-week in advance written notice before terminating childcare. The termination notice does not include the week notice is given.

Provider Cancellation

The provider reserves the right to discontinue childcare services at any time without issuing a refund of prepaid tuition or deposit for the following reasons and/or at will:


We have no pets at this time, however there are neighborhood cats and squirrels that do wander through outdoor play areas.

Religious Activities

We observe the Christian holiday of Christmas. We say grace at lunch time that children may voluntarily participate in. We respect and will facilitate the rights of your child to observe the tenets of your child’s faith.


We do not transport children. We only leave daycare premises to walk across the street to the park occasionally with sufficient supervision.

Birthday Parties

We welcome parents to come and celebrate this special event with their child and his/her friends. We can make arrangements for a party time and welcome any treats/party favors the parent would like to bring.

Baby Care

Infants follow their own schedule. Infants and (children) showing signs that they need rest, will be laid down for a nap.

We have a safe one-level home. As parents can see from their initial visit, our school area consists of three large rooms connected to each other with lots of natural day light flowing from skylights and large windows. Kitchen is the central station

Until about 1 pm this area is filled with music and dancing, roller-skating and laughter.

Running and jumping and all preschool indoor activity happens in this area. In order for your infant to get a somewhat quiet place to rest, we recommend that parents will, with a written note, allow us to use any of the rooms down the hall for their infants napping. Each room will have his/or her own playpen, or parent may bring one from home. Each room has a smoke detector. Caregivers walk the hall every 10-15 minutes.

When an infant is able to climb out of a playpen, he/she will sleep on a nap mat in the school area .This arrangement has worked well for the past 30 years. Children do not play down the hall or in the bedrooms.

Baby bottles will not be propped. Babies are held during bottle-feeding. When a baby prefers to hold his bottle, we certainly allow it, still cuddling.

Parents furnish formula and bottles. Bottle caps are required, also baby’s name, date and time the bottle was prepared. We prefer mixing formula here fresh using distilled water, but a parent may choose. Mother’s milk may be brought fresh or frozen. It will be warmed up in a water bath and not in the microwave.

We prefer ready strained baby foods from the store. We may also make baby food for the day. We will have an open communication as to when to introduce solids.

Walking to School

Our daycare is within walking distance to school. Children will walk through a city park (green space) that is very safe. Parents need to train their children to do this safely.

Vacation & Holidays

These are paid holidays and are included in your weekly tuition fee. Daycare will not be available the following days:

If a holiday falls on Saturday, I will take Friday as the paid day off. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, I will take Monday as the paid day off. We will be open on Presidents Day and Veterans Day based on demand, but reserve the right to add them to the paid holidays and close.

My vacation: Our family vacation is normally in July and sometimes at Christmas, one or two weeks. I will do my best to let you know by April and by the first of December. You will not need to pay your tuition for any daycare closures due to the providers vacation, illness, emergencies, or personal days that the daycare is closed. I will deduct for any closures and credit your tuition for the following week if tuition has already been paid.

Parent's vacation: Once yearly, from January to January, after being enrolled for at least 6 months, we will give you a discount for your first week of vacation taken. The discount is 50% of your normal weekly tuition. Vacation time taken after that will pay normal weekly fee. When you are on vacation we are still open guaranteeing your child’s placement. Please give me a 2 week in advance written notice to get the 50% discount.