Parent's Rights & Responsibilities

Free Access

Parents with whom I have a contract have open access to your child and any area used by your child in the DayCare during hours of operation. You may also access your child's records, review the Parent Handbook, staff training/development records, care center records and emergency information, much of which is on the bulletin board.

Signing In & Out

There is no need to knock on the door. A daily sign in & out log is provided by the front door. The full signature (first and last name) must be signed by the person dropping off or picking up the child. For a new child the separation time may be a little testy, but from experience I can testify that it will reverse in a couple of weeks. Often at pick-up time the child may even not want to go home, which will be a good sign that the child is happy here. We love to socialize with the parents and talk about your children. We see no problem of you lingering around as your time allows. A prompt and quick drop-off in the morning does help a new child to transition more quickly. Please do not block the driveway for the other parents.

Overtime & Late Pick-up Policy

If running late, it is the parent’s responsibility to call someone to pick up the child by 5:30 p.m. Also, let Hannele know who will be picking up your child. After 5:30 p.m., overtime fees will be incurred at $5 cash per child for each 15 minute time increment. All overtime fees collected are used to buy toys for the daycare.

Child’s Absence

If the child will not be in attendance that day the parent shall call the daycare the night before or as soon as possible after 6:00 a.m.

Back-up Childcare Arrangements

Parents will have back-up childcare arrangements in the event the daycare is closed due to my vacation, emergency, illness, holiday, or personal day off. Parents can arrange alternative back-up care with relatives, friends, or neighbors. Make sure your emergency person knows how to reach our home! (This is not the time to get on Mapquest.)

Custody Arrangements

If there is a court order keeping one parent away from the child, I must have a copy of the court order. Otherwise I cannot legally prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up the child. Please do not put me in the middle of any custody issues.

What to Bring


Children should arrive clean, hair combed, teeth brushed, and dressed for the day. A complete change of clothes is required every day in a backpack that has the child’s name written on it. Also, please label your children’s clothing (on the tags) to help me know what belongs to whom. We ask that you layer your child’s clothing during cold weather. We will try to go outside every day. A T-shirt is not warm enough in the house during cold months. We require a sweatshirt also.

What to Pack

In a bag with the child’s name on it, please arrive each day with the following items:
• Disposable diapers or pull-ups/training pants (we provide wipes)
• Specialty diaper rash creams (we provide Desitin)
• A complete set of extra clothes (don’t forget extra socks)
• A jacket that zips or snaps
• Proper shoes that fully cover the foot and stay on
• Winter clothes:
o warm, weather-resistant coat
o boots or weather resistant shoes
o extra socks
o hat which stays on
o water resistant gloves

What Not to Pack

• Food from home (unless there is enough to share with all)
• Toys (they may get lost or broken and I will not be responsible for them)
• Blanket (unless it is an absolute security for the child)

Emergency 72-Hour Kit (Optional)

In the event of a catastrophe or emergency requiring evacuation, you may provide your child with a small backpack with their name on it, that they can comfortably carry, with emergency items in it. These items need checked and refreshed on occasion.
• Drinking water 2-3 small bottles (a bottle with self-contained filtration is great too)
• Food (high calorie food bars are great), gum, candy
• Diapers/Pull-ups for 3 days
• One or two small toys and/or books
• Thermal Blankets
• Light sticks and flashlight
• Whistle
• Walking shoes
• Emergency contact information (laminated)