Diapers & Toilet Training

Diaper changing: Hands will be washed before and after changing every diaper. We prefer using Latex gloves. We have a separate restroom from the family for the daycare. The changing mats are sterilized with recommended bleach solution after each use. Sometimes paper towels are laid down in anticipation of a "catastrophy.” Soiled diapers are placed immediately into a plastic bag in a closed container, which is disposed of in the outside garbage can promptly. Diapers are checked every couple hours and changed as needed and always before and after nap. We use disposables only, provided by the parent. Family members, friends or older children do not change diapers. Only I and my qualified assistants do the job.

Toilet Training: We will work with the parent to initiate toilet training when the child shows interest, although never before 18 months old. We will not force a child that is not ready. Signs of readiness are:
• Following simple directions
• Remains dry at least 2 hrs a day
• Dry after nap or in the morning
• Regular and predictable bowel movements
• Walks to and from restroom, pulls down pants, pulls them up
• Uncomfortable with wet or soiled diapers
• Interested in sitting on the toilet
• Asking to wear underwear
• Willing to potty in the morning

Please do not send your child to daycare in underwear until he/she has mastered night time control or until we both agree.

During potty training please send enough pull-ups or training underwear for each day. Naptime diaper or pull-up is required. It is best to have your child wear elastic waist pants like sweats. No overalls or one piece outfits. Hands are washed after each performance.

Hand Washing Practices

My hands and the assistant's hands will be washed:

• Before and after diaper changes, toileting and personally using restroom.
• After removing latex gloves.
• After contact with body fluids (stool, urine, blood, saliva, vomit, nose wiping).
• Before cooking and before serving food.
• Before and after eating.
• After being outdoors or after touching animals.

We will assist the children to wash their hands:

• After toileting
• Before & after eating
• After playing outdoors, messy projects or after touching animals.
• After accidentally sneezing into hands rather than "the sleeve”

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Surfaces and equipment will be disinfected at least once a week for general maintenance. Smaller toys are run through the dishwasher. We use 3/4 tsp. bleach per 1 quart water (1/4C per gal) for most surfaces and equipment. Food preparation and eating tables and counters are disinfected before and after each meal. The bathroom is sanitized twice a day and the diaper changing mat is disinfected using a solution of 1 TBS bleach to 1 quart water.

We have a Blood Born Pathogen Plan and other licensing information posted on the closet wall next to the front door. Each staff member is trained in all policies and procedures at the time of employment. Feel free to read through it.