Tips & Suggestions



Children should arrive clean, hair combed, teeth brushed, and dressed for the day. A complete change of clothes is required every day in a backpack that has the child’s name written on it. Also, please label your children’s clothing (on the tags) to help me know what belongs to whom. We ask that you layer your child’s clothing during cold weather. We will try to go outside every day. A T-shirt is not warm enough in the house during cold months. We require a sweatshirt also.

What to Pack

In a bag with the child’s name on it, please arrive each day with the following items:

What Not to Pack

Transition Times

Children like routine. In the morning they don’t like to be rushed getting dressed, eating breakfast, or hurried through unusual activities. Parents may create a wake-up song, or use a timer:

"Sarah, when the timer rings, you’ll need to put on your coat.”

Sing daycare songs in the car, or decide to count all the red cars. A smooth morning makes a world of difference for the rest of the day.

At the daycare we may handle transition in the following manner:

"Children, you need to finish up your project now, because it will soon be time to clean up the playroom for lunch time.” Transition songs and finger plays work, or talking in a whisper: "If you can hear me, put your finger on your lips.” Then count: "Mary can hear me, Jacob can hear me…” (Now we are ready for a quiet activity.)

We may use a stuffed animal that speaks in a child-size voice:

"Tammy, will you hurry and get dressed, so I can go outside and play with you”

At pick-up time we prefer not to have the child wait for the parent all bundled up with shoes and coats on. A child gets very sad isolated in a sense from the other children and parents are very seldom on time. Please, use your cell phone, and call us 5 minutes before you reach the house. We then will have your child ready. If we know you are in a rush, we can prepare the child for this transition, also.