Tuition & Fees

 Weekly tuition fees are based upon children in attendance up to 10 hours per day. After 10 hours the overtime fee is an additional $1.00 for each 15 minute increment, or any portion thereof when the child is picked up by 5:30 p.m. State law requires that your child not be in childcare for more than 10 hours each day unless needed to meet work requirements

             Contract Rates Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Toddlers & Preschoolers $40 $155
Before & After School $130
Two days a week (even if child misses one of those days) $80
Three days a week        $105
Four days a week        $130
Drop-in childcare (when available) $10/hr


Infants 0 to 12 months $170


Please make checks payable to Hannele LaFrance. All fees are non-refundable based on a weekly prepaid tuition due each Monday morning for that week. Missed days will not be deducted. If your child is not in attendance or if you pick him/her up early some days, you will still pay the same fee.

Other arrangements may be made in the contract at the time of admission. Some parents prefer a 2-week prepaid tuition, based on their paydays.

Late Pick-Up Fees

After 5:30 p.m., fees will be incurred at $5 cash per child for each 15 minute time increment.

Late Fees & NSF Checks

A late payment charge of $10 per day is due starting on Tuesday until the weekly tuition and late fees are paid in full. If payments are not paid in full, your child will not be allowed to attend.
There is a $40 service charge due on all NSF checks. If I receive a NSF check from you, all future tuition must be paid in cash or by money order only.

Holding Fee

Arrangements not requiring immediate services will be charged ½ of the weekly rate until the child is brought to care, up to 3 weeks. Holding fee is non-refundable even if other childcare arrangements are found. This will be done through a contract.

Funsteps Pre-School Program

We incorporate the Funsteps Pre-School Program into our activities. There is no fee at this time.

Vacation & Holidays

These are paid holidays and are included in your weekly tuition fee. ChildCare will not be available the following days:
• New Years Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day & the day after
• Christmas Day

If a holiday falls on Saturday, I will take Friday as the paid day off. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, I will take Monday as the paid day off. We will be open on Presidents Day and Veterans Day based on demand, but reserve the right to add them to the paid holidays and close.

My vacation:

Our family vacation is usually for one week in July and sometimes up to a week at Christmas. I will do my best to let you know by April and by the first of December. You will need to pay 50% tuition for the first week of my vacation but none for a 2nd week or any other ChildCare closures due to the provider’s illness, emergencies or personal days that the ChildCare is closed. I will deduct for any closures and credit your tuition for the following week if tuition has already been paid.

Parent's vacation:

Once yearly, from January to January, after being enrolled for at least 6 months, we will give you a discount for your first week of vacation taken. The discount is 50% of your normal weekly tuition. Vacation time taken after that will be charged normal weekly fees. When you are on vacation we are still open, guaranteeing your child’s placement. Please give me 2 weeks advance notice to get the 50% discount.

Fee Evaluation

Fees will be evaluated each year in August, with changes to begin in September.

Terminating ChildCare

You must give me a written 2-week advance notice before terminating childcare. The termination notice does not include the week notice is given. If I find it necessary to discontinue childcare for your child, I will also give you 2 weeks notice. If termination notice is given by either party, all childcare charges are due in full at the time of the notice.

Provider Cancellation

The provider reserves the right to discontinue childcare services at any time without issuing a refund of prepaid tuition or deposit for the following reasons and/or at will:
• Parent condones, does not correct, or does not assist provider in correcting child’s behavior.
• Repeated late pick-ups after 5:30 p.m.
• Provider finds that a parent must be consistently reminded of contract or policies.
• Parent or family member insists on disputing contract or handbook policies.
• Payments are not paid in full when due.
• Parent (or their behavior) is a risk to provider or other children in care.
• Parent is on premises and visibly under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
• Parent is verbally abusive or threatening to provider.
• Parent demonstrates any physical, mental or verbal abuse to any child or adult while on the premises.